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WEbsite Development

We use WordPress and Divi to build just about anything you can imagine.

Our sites are built using WordPress as the Content Management System and Divi, by Elegant Themes, as its foundation. This ensures your site will be easy to maintain and if we get hit by a bus, someone will be able to step in and pick up where we left off. 

Why WordPress
WordPress powers over 33% of the web and is becoming more popular by the day. With it’s great usability and constant improvements, it’s not just for blogging anymore.

We can extend basic functionality with the use of Custom Post Types. WordPress can handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

Why Divi?

Divi, by Elegant Themes, is one of the most powerful themes we’ve ever come across. It has been evaluated by Sucuri and found to have 0 audit issues. It’s front end page builder makes it easy for you to maintain your site.

Divi also allows us to do A/B testing without adding additional plugins. It’s extremely flexible so any changes to the layout and content are quick and painless to make. No reinventing the wheel everytime we need to make a tweak.

So, how's this work?

We create a development site for your project on our servers. You have access from day one; are able to view progress and provide feedback. We do use a few tools to help with feedback, but they are all pretty easy to use and we will walk you through them.

Once development and testing is complete, we will move the site to it’s final destination. Whether that is with us or another host, is up to you. After your site is “live”, we’ll stick around to track data for Continuous Improvement cycles

Get back to doing what you love.

Let us take care of your website.

We usually have our faces glued to a computer screen. The best way to get a hold of us is via email. Send us a message and we'll get back to you a.s.a.p.!

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