launchpad websites get you to market faster

What is a launchpad website?

A Launchpad website is a website that is launched quickly to collect real user data. With this data and feedback, we can better create the ideal user experience. Depending upon your business goals and strategy, your launchpad might be a simple refresh, a complete redo, or changes phased in over time.

A Launchpad website creates a lower upfront commitment, spreads out the cost, decreases time to value, and increases ROI. We can have a launchpad site up in weeks, not months.

How can we create sites so quickly?

We use the Divi theme and WordPress CMS. The Divi theme uses a page builder that allows us to build layouts and features quickly. We create and style modules that are used throughout the site. Build it once, reuse it wherever it’s needed. Any needed changes are done quickly and easily.

Divi also allows us to do A/B testing to see what layouts and pages perform best. 


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