The Team



Office Manager

Lydia has been managing things since birth. With a strong perseverance, she commands perfection in every detail.



Problem Solver

Rebekah has been creating WordPress websites since 2008. With a background in marketing and customer service, she is the ideal designer/developer to ensure your needs are met.



Head of Security

Oliver is a force to be reckoned with. He keeps the premises safe and has an uncontrollable passion for the mailman and squirrels.

Our Story

I began coding in 2008. At the time, I worked as the Marketing and Sales Manager for a small software company in Toledo, OH. We needed someone to handle the website. Our programmers were tired of being distracted from “real” development to handle it. I volunteered and immediately fell in love. I thought it was a lot like magic and completely fascinating. My mentor was one of our software programmers. He was a stickler for learning the basics.

I then began creating websites on the side and quickly found WordPress. I loved that WordPress handled the majority of the backend for me. It enabled me to work quicker and hand-off to clients easier. I still made my own themes because I could never find one theme that did everything I wanted it to do.

And then, I found Divi. It cut down on development time and cost and truly allowed clients to manage every aspect of their site. No more being held hostage by a developer. Let us show you how you can be in control of your site…and of course, we’re always here should you need us.

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