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We design and build beautiful, solution based websites driven by your specific business needs.

Design is both an art and a science. Websites not only need to be beautiful, but more importantly they need to be functional. A beautiful site is worthless if your users can’t figure out how to find what they need. There are two ways we can go about this…

Just a website design

You already have a developer to build your site? Fantastic. We can still work with you and design a new site to meet your needs. The design will be based on your consultation and address your business needs and goals. We will provide you with a mockup, suggested theme and plugins you might need to get it working.

The whole shebang

You need us to design and build your site? Well, you are in luck we have a system for that. We will design and build your site based on our strategy listed below.

How we work…

We bill by Milestone

A lot of web shops work in a lot of different ways. Here at FDL, we work by milestones. Each project is broken down in parts, mini projects if you will, and billing for each mini project happens upon completion. Except for the consultation, that one is billed up front.

1. Consultation
Every project starts with a consultation. This is billed upfront.


  1. Assessment of Needs
  2. Action Plan
  3. Estimate to put plan in to action

Learn more about Consultations

2. Design

Based on your consultation, we will create a Brand Guide for your situation.


  1. Page layouts as PSD
  2. Font choices
  3. Color palette
  4.  Suggested images, themes and plugins
3. Development
We create a development site for your project. It will be housed on our servers until launch.


  1. WordPress website
  2. Any customizations agreed to during consultation and design
  3. Testing for modern browsers and mobile devices

Learn more about our development process

4. Launch
Lastly, after much testing and the site has been approved, we launch the site to your host provider. If we are hosting your site, we promote to a production version. And that’s it, you’re LIVE!


  1. “Live” website
  2. 30 days support
  3. How to guide
5. Maintenance (optional)

You now have a site. Fantastic! But, you really don’t feel like taking care of it. Don’t worry, we can do that too. Learn more about our Maintenance Program.

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