Mad Mimi Banner

Her name is Mad Mimi. She makes newsletters easy. We all know, newsletters can be time consuming, and complicated…and boring to the eye. If I never see another poorly formatted newsletter again, it will be too soon. 

I stumbled upon Mad Mimi while doing research for a friend. He wanted to find a WordPress plugin that would allow him to create a sign up form he could embed and had really easy to make newsletters. I looked and looked, man did I look. I sorted and tested and pulled out some hair and then found Mad Mimi. Awesome name, right?!?!

It is pretty much drag and drop. You can design multiple templates and layouts. You can use the  Mad Mimi plugin to create a widget to sign people up. You can organize your contacts into groups. Schedule emails to go out and then check the analytics. I know, I know, you still have to copy and paste your blog articles and all that jazz. WRONG! you simply add your rss feed and it goes and pulls the most recent articles and creates the page for you. Although, you do have to add a header image. I know, right?You can easily create not only your recent article newsletters, but also promotional newsletters. Have a training class coming up, a product release, or a sale on the horizon? Create a “newsletter.” It’s so simple. You can add images and all sorts of fun things, like your social media links. I know this sounds all to wonderful, but hold on to your hats, I’m about to really geek out.

Mad Mimi makes it super easy to do a/b testing! I know. It’s a miracle. You can compare multiple promotions side by side and see how they performed. I know there are other systems that let you compare, but they don’t have the easy to use interface like Mad Mimi or the awesome logo or all of the other things that make Mad Mimi awesome.Pricing? Yeah, I knew you were going to ask about that. I use the free plan (*surprise*). I can have 2,500 contacts and send 12,500 emails per month. I don’t get support. For me, this is fine and dandy. The other plans start out at $10.00/month and go up to $1,049.00/month. That $1,049.00/month  includes 350,000 contacts, 4×speed, 3,500,000 emails and infinite storage. If you need that big of a plan, congratulations. You are remarkable…I mean it…seriously…wow. I’m happy with my freebie.Even though I use the free account, for now, I am signed up for an affiliate program.  I never do these things. I always think they are cheesy, but I really love this company. If you are interested in learning more, you can click the image. I’ll also have a link in my resource section.